Film A Week Podcast Episode 24: “An American Tail” (Animated April)

“This is America, the place to find hope. If you give up now, you will never find them. So never say never.”

Film A Week Podcast heads into a celebration of animation with “Animated April.” All month we are paying tribute to the art form starting with a Classics Revisited episode on “An American Tail.”

Listen as hosts Serg Beret and Patrick Raissi discuss the classic Don Bluth film, the merits of what animation can do and sing their best attempt of the signature tune “Somewhere Out There.” Not as good as the cover toward the end of this episode, but we cannot compare to Donald Glover.

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Audio Edited by Sergio Berrueta

“Film A Week Podcast” is protected by Fair Use as it is a non-profit review show. Any copyrighted material is that of their respective owners and only used as promotion of their work.

Royalty-Free Music from

“Hustle” by Kevin MacLeod (
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