Lyrics: “Hungover Heart Song”

Thinking of things
I’ve only seen in a dream
Fitting the mold of our time
Spent on the earth with us as one
Always much better than with none

Can we stay there?
In that daze that we made
Hazy with technicolor hues
Only the most lovely of views
Can we stay there?
I hope to have always you to care
If we stay there

Dreaming of it
The warmth of your touch
The beating inside begins to rush
Staring into those eyes
The gaze that changes in size
Dilated in attraction of love

Can we stay here?
In a night with no fear
Darkness covering us in harsh tones
Only two lovers frozen in time

Because this heart needs to know
If its love can still go
Its been beaten to little to no pulse
Guard is up from before

I need to let it go

Can we stay here?
Can we stay there?
Elope one day to get near

Wish we were there


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