New Lyrics Collections by Serg Beret!

Above on the page is a link to these two lyrics collections for your enjoyment here at Lyrics Collection located at the top of the page.

I write lyrics on the side just to keep my mind at ease. These two collections are meant to be seen as wholes working with one another to give a complete focus. Pretty much, they are albums without music to them because music aspirations are not exactly in the cards for me (unless you want to her nothing but percussion and vocals, then we are solid).

RGHTS is the first with 13 lyrics within the collection focused on the end of a relationship, the struggles of dealing with a difficult partner and how to focus on the hereafter of it all. The narrator is going through the stages of grief with by going from a lost soul in “Cancel” to understanding it all had to end in “Endings.”

(E)(P) Escapade Perchance is the follow-up to RGHTS which acts as an epilogue as mentioned in “Endings” in the final lyric of the collection. This collection of only nine focuses on crushes such as in “110,” the longing for true romance such as in the namesake “Escapade Perchance” and “Worship,” and calling out the enemies that plagued the mind in RGHTS with “Phrenic Nerve” and “Worship.”

Hope you read and enjoy!

(E)(P) Escapade Perchance

  1. 110
  2. Phoenix Nova
  3. The Weight of Your Shadow
  4. Escapade Perchance
  5. Phrenic Nerve
  6. Fuckboy
  7. Worship
  8. How Long This Love Will Be
  9. Hungover Heart Song


  1. Cancel
  2. RGHTS
  3. Silent Treatments
  4. Afflatus
  5. Glimmer
  6. Late Sleeper
  7. Early Riser
  8. The Beast Inside
  9. Out of Your World
  10. Alt Paths (These Blinking Lights Fade)
  11. Piercing Words
  12. Moving/Fading
  13. Endings

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