Lyrics: “Samantha”

Notes from the Writer
Hello, Serg Beret here. The next set of 14 lyrics (including this one) are revised and rewritten lyrics back from my first few years of writing lyrics. Out of the hundreds, only these 14 felt worth the time to revise and add to the next Lyrics Collection to be titled Schoolhead Revisited. The original lyrics will follow the revised lyrics

Introduction to “Samantha”
This song in particular was personal favorite and was originally written as “Zamora.” I decided to rewrite it with a different name with “Samantha.” It was written mostly because I thought Zamora was a cool last name and I wanted to make a Radiohead-inspired song (think of their second album The Bends when reading). Without further ado, here’s “Samantha” formerly “Zamora.”

“Samantha” (Formerly “Zamora”)
Got caught with your heart on your sleeve
It can clue in all your enemies
Embracing the sun and sky that surrounds yourself
And it’s quite clear you get the better of me
But as long as you stay under this light

Everything turns out fine
We’ll remain in this time
As they try to take advantage of you
Falling down, falling down

Stare into your pondering soul
Make sure the framework is under control
Your lungs are gasping for breath
And you race as if to beat death
But as long I hold you, a new loving friend,
We can fend for ourselves out of this place

We’ll return to home
Turn these cascading frowns to smiles in this time
As you make way to fall
Into my arms, into my arms

Could we take our bruised hands
And hold them hand in hand
Even if this relationship doesn’t last?
You’re intricate beyond compare
A beauty so debonair
Right down to every flaw
These pulses they beat in rhyme
This heart growing in size
Two sizes too small to three too big

I think we can try
To be fine in life
In these hopeless rhymes
Samantha, we can try

I promise to keep us afloat
Maybe it’s too much to hope
We’ll be fine
We’ll be fine


“Zamora” (Original Version)
Got caught with a heart on my sleeve
Felt like I was being chased by the thought police
Embraced the air and the sky that surrounds me
And its pretty clear your mirage is all I see
As long as this spring grows deep into summer now

Everything turns out fine, Zamora, you’ll be there
In time
As a gravity’s breakdown catches our eyes
Falling up, falling up, falling up

Stare into my pondering soul
Make sure the cogs and gears are under control
My robotic is breaking out of my chest
And realizing we all die in the end
As as I’ll love you, a new best friend
Who can defend me out of this place

Zamora, return to town
Turn these cascading smiles to frowns
And in time
Falling up, falling up, falling up
In arms

Could you take my bruised hands,
If this relationship, so perfect, doesn’t last?
You’re beautiful and intricate
Right down to the depth of it
The impulses grow in size
From twenty to a thousand megahertz
In mind

Just could you try
To fall in time, in my hopeless rhymes
Zamora, you can try

I promise to everything you’ve wanted
Only if you could see it you I wanted
All this time
All this time




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