Words In Blue: A Spoken Word Album by Serg Beret

I’ve been meaning to record and release these in a audio format, but always got lazy about it…until now! Here you will find poems of great romance, failed romance, crushes, daydreaming and the human psyche. Yes, I do more than just bitch about movies and obsess over Disney films. Please sit back and enjoy some poems read by myself.

1. Dream Too Much
2. Shining Knight Quadrilogy – Exile Of The Kind Knight
3. Shining Knight Quadrilogy – Shining Knight Out To Sea
4. Shining Knight Quadrilogy – Transition From Knight To Man
5. Shining Knight Quadrilogy – Man Under The Stars
6. Examples
7. oyl
8. Parallels
9. 1453.4 m/s
10. Fuck My Mind
11. When I
12. Safe By You
13. Romance in Blue
14. Rest. In. Peace.
15. Beacon Trilogy – Another Lifetime
16. Beacon Trilogy – In The Night
17. Beacon Trilogy – The Technicolor Remains
18. Footnote
19. Initiation
20. A Light
21. Island > World
22. ane

All poems and songs written by Serg Beret a.k.a. Sergio J. Berrueta. All works featured were written between 2013 through 2017 and narrated by Beret.


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