Welcome to ‘Valley/Wood,’ a new Lyrics Collection by Serg Beret


The newest Lyrics Collection has arrived. That’s right, there was a reason for all those newly published lyrics earlier as they are part of Valley/WoodValley/Wood is the latest in collections of lyrics, this time focusing on the newly acquired sense of being for the narrator character of the previous outings RGHTS and (E)(P) Escapade Perchance.

The narrator returns to reside in the town of Valley/Wood. It is here that we find him dreaming once again of romance in lyrics such as “Dream Too Much,” “Morning Star,” “Safe by You” and “Keep.” He also reflects and reveals the subject of the pain on RGHTS in “ane,” “oyl,”  & “method: Madness” and discusses his failed romances in “Fantom” & “Kimber Li.” Other lyrics include the commentary on the banality of popular music in “Banal,” the tribute to a lover’s dream in “Second Light” and the dramatic realization of the one that got away in the closing lyrics “Much to Dream.”

Of course, it is always open for more interpretation than just the descriptions above. Please read and enjoy this wonderful collection of lyrics.


  1. Dream Too Much
  2. Safe by You
  3. Morning Star
  4. Keep
  5. oyl
  6. Fantom
  7. Banal
  8. ane
  9. Samantha
  10. method: Madness
  11. Kimber Li
  12. Second Light
  13. Much To Dream



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