Film A Week Podcast Episode 54: “The Kid” (Criterion of the Month)

Film A Week Podcast gives thanks to host Patrick Raissi all November long by giving him the reigns with Pat Has Never Seen Month. Host Serg Beret picks four films from a list of films Pat has yet to see (two Serg has seen and two he hasn’t seen as well to be fair).

We kick off with our final Criterion of the Month of the year with the master of silent cinema Charlie Chaplin in the classic Tramp silent film The Kid from 1921. Listen as we review our oldest film on the block as well as our first time viewing reactions. We discuss an elaborate on the genuine nature of comedy, the sweetness of life and why The Tramp stood the test of time.

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Audio Edited by Serg Beret

“Film A Week Podcast” is protected by Fair Use as it is a non-profit review show. Any copyrighted material is that of their respective owners and only used as promotion of their work.

Music Credits
“Hustle,” “Theme for Harold ver. 2,” and “The Complex” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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