Hello and welcome to The New Serg Beret.com, a blog dedicated to film and writing.

Started in 2012, the blog kicked off its current state with the 007 in 23 series focusing on the escapades of James Bond in his 50 plus years of cinema. From there came the idea of Film A Week, a series focused on reviewing and examining one film pure week either that Serg never saw before or revisiting an old classic. Loaded with guest contributors, humor and insight, the series has since been relaunched in podcast form.

Another thing the site is famous for is being the home of the fan-made expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity called Cards Against Humanity: Disney Edition. Yes, we noticed the surge in its popularity which usually is around holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and, to my surprise, Valentine’s Day.

The site is currently the host of the Film A Week Podcast and will be expanding to new territory within the coming months with more audio content and more written posts.

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