PreVue ReVue: Iron Man 3, Spring Breakers, Fast Six, The Host and Other Trailers

Here is something fun I thought I do for you all. Every two weeks, I will round up at least eight or ten of the latest film trailers that have been entering the theater and online to give a quick first impression from each film. Just something to keep this site moving and have more content rather than wait for Film A Week posts every Friday. Without further ado, let the Prevue Revue commence!

Iron Man 3 (Extended Look Trailer)

That is how you do an extended look. With Robert Downey, Jr. back in his now signature role giving us the true definition of an ‘extended look’, we finally get a bit more footage of one of the most anticipated films of this year. I am excited as hell with the hints of Extremis coming in and having Tony struggle after the aftermath of The Avengers is going to be a joy to watch. Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin is everything I expect, even if he probably is more of a terrorist than a magic man. I can not wait for this film like everyone else.

Also, what the hell is up with the giant bunny?

I hope this is explained. I barely noticed it for the first time when seeing Side Effects. It seems right the hell out of nowhere.

Monsters University

I am very skeptical about this film and have been since day one of its initial announcement. Maybe it was due to how open ended the first film was at the end which was ripe for sequel hook. I guess Pixar didn’t take the bait and went with a prequel. So far from the trailer, I am still skeptical. I chuckled a bit at a couple of jokes, but I keep asking myself “Did this film really need a prequel?”. The short answer: No, but screw it. I shall see when it finally hits screen or maybe hold off till Blu-Ray release. Nothing worth getting truly excited for just yet.

Olympus Has Fallen

Also known as That One Scene from Independence Day: The Moviethis film looks like a big shoddy CGI fest that just happens to be about the White House getting taken down by a North Korean terrorist (and judging by America’s foreign policies as of late, that could very well happen). Gerard Butler plays a Secret Service agent who has to take him and his men down as Morgan Freeman must take command. Why is it that every time Morgan Freeman is involved in White House relations, something awful happens? First an asteroid and now a terrorist attack. The man was God for Christ’s sake! Cut him a break! Anyway, this movie looks mighty awful, but I do like all around badass Rick Yune as the villain as he was one of two positives of Die Another Day with the other being Rosamund Pike. Get ready because this is the first of two White House take down films.

Spring Breakers

Doesn’t this film just look like a steaming pile of manure? Okay, that isn’t fair to say. I when the direction reminds me of Drive, if Nicolas Winding Refn was blitz on crystal meth and the acting is as superb as any direct to DVD trash release starring Freddy Rodriguez. James Franco’s Paul Wall impression is something I look forward to at the local Target bargain bin in the near future because this looks to be some of his worst work and I’ve seen Your Highness. This looks like garbage and judging by the movie going public these days, this will make some cash back. Another reason this film may be awful? Gucci Mane gets a top billing. That should tip you off right away.

Trance (Red Band Trailer)

Holy hell, can someone really survive with half their head missing? God damn! I have no idea what the hell this is about, what is going on, but something about that has me hooked. Better to go in not knowing much than knowing too much about it all. The fact director Danny Boyle seems to be going back to his gritty roots is something to look forward to. Not much else to say about it as of now, except I am looking forward to it.


I did not even know this was coming out, but I am glad I did because I love Jackie Robinson and his legacy. Harrison Ford is finally playing a character his current age that isn’t Indiana Jones and awesome that Christopher Meloni is getting some much needed film work. Meloni is a fantastic actor since his days on SVU. The only complaint is the use of rap in the trailer. I really do not get the appeal of it and if it is trying to appeal to the black demographic, ad executives should know that not everyone in that demographic likes rap music. Anywho, the song did mention Jackie Robinson, so it gets a semi past. I hope this turns out to be something great.

21 & Over

This looks like the same paint by numbers party movie with one element of Weekend at Bernie’s thrown in. It doesn’t look awful, just a bit to bland to actually complain about. Lately we have been getting a string of ‘epic night party’ films that do not measure up to the others. Maybe I was either burned by The Hangover Part II or the fact every character seems to be a obnoxious ass without charisma or charm that most party films tend to have. This seems forgettable. Heck, I just forgot what I just saw.

Fast Six

Another entry in the popular Fast franchise that grabbed my attention from the trailer. It looks ridiculous, insane, borderline inept, but utterly fun. Unlike Olympus Has Fallen which looks to take its ridiculous nature to seriously, this knows exactly what the hell it needs to be. You think if this franchise took itself seriously, we still have the evolution from street racing to world wide heists and crime busting and three cars trying to take down one plane? Of course not. The franchise was not exactly a masterpiece of cinema to begin with, but one can’t deny there are a series of fun moments in the series that make us come back.

From Up On Poppy Hill

After the forgettable yet gorgeous Arriety, good to see a Studio Ghibli release done in the US outside of the Disney run English dubs. This seems like a film possibly in the same vein of anime films that aren’t Ghibli (i.e. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) by telling a romantic love story of boy and girl while a mystery is going on involving the main girl. Then again, I probably have the plot completely wrong because that is what I took out of the trailer. The voice cast itself is even outside of typical Disney dubs with more subdue actors coming in such as Beau Bridges, Christina Hendricks, and Aubrey Plaza. I get excited for any new Ghibli that comes out, so this is no exception.

The Host

Do not let ‘From Stephanie Meyer, Author of The Twilight Saga‘ fool you, this looks to be an interesting science fiction adventure. It seems like a combination of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and elements of post-apocalyptic features and doesn’t look to bad. Maybe my bias for both Sairose Ronan and Diane Kruger may be showing, but the acting seems to be top notch and the love story doesn’t even seem to be getting in the way. It already looks better than Twilight with a true engaging plot and I will take any new science fiction ideas that I have yet to see adapted to the screen. The only thing hurting it is the fact that they have to use the Twilight name to sell it which makes audiences sigh and deem the movie crap just from that. I, for one, am willing to give this a try.

Also, a pure chrome car is something that I cannot wait to see finally make its feature film debut.