BREAKING: replaces in April


Hello readers, followers and longtime blog fans, will no longer be the main domain name. Instead, it will become ( This change is being done to give the site an identity it can be proud of an easier to find. It comes from the original blog series on the site titled Film A Week back in 2013 and the new podcast Film A Week Podcast which began its run in 2016. For the time being, visit and like our Facebook page at Film A Week Podcast and our SoundCloud page here at Film a Week Podcast.

The name change was something I personally debated, but felt was necessary to start giving the Film A Week project a home and a stronger presence. Though Serg Beret is a clever name for a persona, it is not a clever name for a website and I’ve learned that the hard way when promoting the site. will be the beginning of the next phase as we move into more film and pop culture based content with podcasts and written posts. We hope to have two new shows up and running be the time the new site launches.

The current step is to allow more access to the contributors that helped with the site to allow themselves to post their own film reviews, Top of the Crop lists, stories and personal ramblings. This allows them to get their own ideas and thoughts out and not be regulated to just podcast hosts.

We personally cannot wait for the next step in this website’s history and hope to bring you the same wonderful content we have brought you over the years.

Thank you,
Sergio J. Berrueta

Content Creator and Writer
“Serg Beret” on Film A Week


The New Serg Beret: NOW ON TUMBLR!

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newsergberettumblr Becomes New Shows/Written Series & Name Change

Hello old visitors and new readers,

The old Serg Beret site has come to a close with the new site emerging in the form of The site will retain it’s roots founded in the original site focusing on pop culture from the past and present. With that said, the name change is more for trying to reboot the site from the ground up, as well as create a new place to create in my downtime in my new day job life (along with the other hosts that will be joining soon). It’s a rebuild of the new by returning of the old. With that said, let’s get onto the exciting announcements for the future that will make this site more up to date.

The Franchise Runner Projected Start Date: June 17th, 2015
The Franchise Runner
Projected Start Date: June 17th, 2015

This series is the true sequel series to the old Film A Week. A rundown of famous film franchises, one franchise at a time the series will run in a bi-weekly schedule to give insight on the franchises we all loved, hated or surrendered our hard earned wallets to (looking at you, Star Wars). This will solely focus on the films, unless a film from the franchise was previously covered. In that case, it will be re-reviewed and given an update. Following in tradition with the original series it was based off, the series will begin with a look at the adventures of Doc and Marty in the Back to the Future franchise with the first film on June 17th.

Back to the Drawing Board with Serg Beret & Jenni Chante Projected Start Date: June 24th, 2015
Back to the Drawing Board with Serg Beret & Jenni Chante
Projected Start Date: June 24th

Back to the Drawing Board has been about two years in the making. The show will be a bi-weekly series that takes a look at animated features & shows with the brother and sister duo taking their knowledge of animation to the next step: podcasting. The pilot episode will be about Treasure Planet from it’s humble beginnings behind the scenes to its failure at the box office. It will look at the history of each film and be a review of them. All animation is on the table and we are ready to embark hopefully by June 24th.

BFI National Archive in Berkhamsted.  Photo by Linda Nylind.  15/3/2010
The New Friendly Film Perspectives

Originally hosted by Serg Beret and Matthew Reveles, the New Friendly Film Perspectives show will now have a rotating round table of friendly guests or family to discuss films never seen before and film news to make a show that will run about one hour to a hour and a half. The projected start date is June 15 to get the ball rolling, but not expected to be on that date.

Another Unoriginal Internet Food Show Projected Start Date: June 22nd
Another Unoriginal Internet Food Show
Projected Start Date: June 22nd

In our first true video series, hosts Serg Beret & Jerry Monroy (with cameraman Guillermo Morales) tackle different foods in this bi-weekly series that consists of trying new food items, blasts from the past, some homemade recipes and even venturing to the outside to try some local & SoCal based food. It is scheduled for June 22nd (after my birthday), but can be delayed.

And for the final announcement…

ReSMARKINGWrestleMania Potential Start: Late June/Early July 2015
Potential Start: Late June/Early July 2015

This new podcast series is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Tackling close to 32 WrestleManias, as it will last into the next year, this 33 (!) episode series that will run bi-weekly focusing on the grandest stage of them all. It will focus on the build-up to each event, a rundown of the card, the main event and the aftermath. The co-host has yet to be announced, so stay tuned. will be a place for me and my friends to grow and remind ourselves that life can be a bit fun. There will also be new poems, new Personal Ramblings and new Top of the Crop lists. Be sure to check back here when kicks off around June 15. Thanks for sticking around.

– Sergio J. Berrueta

State of the Website Address: Late Nov.-Early 2015

Hey readers,

As many can see, not everything in October got done. Personally, this month was pretty damn hectic. I did not have no time to post everything or make everything come to fruition. I got busy with a new tutoring gig I’m doing, the newspaper work piling up and college eating up my time. I feel like complete crap for not getting it all done and I personally apologize for all of it. To make up for it, late November and December are going to be filled with lots of stuff to make up for this misfortune.

The last episodes of Friendly Film Perspectives have not been uploaded, but will be soon in a quick unedited format on YouTube. This is to get them out of the way and bring Friendly Film Perspectives back again. The FFP podcast will now be every two weeks in order to free up more time for personal life situations and more editing in between. It gives me and Matthew Reveles room to breathe in life. Solo Film Perspectives or Top of the Crop Lists will be done in between episodes.

Late this month, me and my sister Jennifer Berrueta are going to be officially starting Back to the Drawing Board, a new podcast show that will focus on animation in film and television. This series will be different from Friendly Film Perspectives as it will dive deeper into the creation and history of the work with a review toward the end of the show. We’ve been trying to get this off the ground for about two years, but the time is about right to make it a possibility. Unlike FFP, this show will take longer to create in order to put more work into talking about the history to give a new and informative experience for those listening or viewing. The first episode will be about Sleeping Beauty and should be up by the end of the month. Since we are busy people, expect this show either once or twice a month.

Scheduled for Late November

Also, our first true video series should be starting around this time with my best friend Gerardo Monroy aka Jerry in which we tackle our favorite topic: food. It’s nothing new really, but it’s a show about food in which we try new foods, eat classic food faves and even some gross stuff. Gross food is not the main focus of the show. This is honestly more about exploring food around or area and eating it. The show will be filmed by Guillermo Morales, a close friend of Jerry’s, who is a new addition to the site. This series working title is Another Unoriginal Internet Food Show.

Scheduled for Late November-Early December


The one thing that is sure to come quite soon is a series I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and can finally get around to it. One game franchise I enjoyed, along with millions of others, was Guitar Hero. Personally, I wanted to know the history behind the product, its rise to fame and its inevitable downfall. This series will examine the game series from the first installment to the last (with some spin-offs discussed in between) as well as take a look at the history of the franchise. This series will start pretty soon as well and is aptly titled The Rise and Fall of Guitar Hero.

Starts November 17th

For December, a more elaborate 25 Days of XMAS will be done this year. This time, the site will be exploring 25 Christmas special and films with one per day as a way to celebrate the holidays. Unlike other series, I’m actually working on this one in advance to have stuff ready by December 1st. It’s a new work routine I want to start to ensure the best quality from this blog.

Begins December 1-December 25
Begins December 1-December 25

This is what is to come in the coming weeks. I’ll be back in full form again while balancing out my own life outside of the internet.

Thanks for your time and patience,
Sergio J. Berrueta aka Serg Beret




P.S. One more quick announcement before I go, next year, the real part two begins.

Film A Week Part 2 copy
Starts January 10, 2015

Site Update: The site will return June 30 due to writer’s block, long-term projects

The site has yet to be updated and it is mostly due to my severe lack of writing. I’ve been working behind the scenes on new writing series, podcasts and other stuff to get this back up to speed. I also have been busy with my personal life, education and relationship.

Yet, the hard work continues, so on June 30th, expect the start of a new series with ReSMARKing WrestleMania being the first, a returning series, and another update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In other news, seeing the success of the Disney Edition of Cards Against Humanity has inspired me to make more fan editions of Cards Against Humanity including a second Disney edition, a WWE edition and a Tribute to Film edition. I hope these become quite fun for everyone.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks,

Sergio J. Berrueta

Film A Week Part II: 14 More Films Coming May 3

After much thinking and delay, it is time to return to something that made this website possible in the first place.

Film A Week will return on May 3 with 14 more films to review on a weekly basis with the 14 films not having covered yet from big regrets not seeing till now or just some movies I want to dive deep into. So, how do I start this second chapter? It starts with the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music on May 3. Get ready because there are more to come soon.

Film A Week Part 2 copy

Site Update: Three new series starting Spring 2014 & a call for new writers

Hi, everyone. The past couple of week’s have been quite odd as I am trying to figure what to do for this site and where it should go. This question kept creeping up a lot during Film A Week of what is next on the site. Today, for you readers, I want to reveal some new series for the site as well as content I am in the works on. Now, just to let you know, a majority of this may not go into effect until mid-Febuary or the final week of January at the earliest. 

Coming Soon


First off, the Friendly Film Perspectives series is a new commentary series that me and my pal Matthew Reveles came up with and it is in the testing phase right now thanks to the pilot episode on December 25th with Die Hard as the test feature. 

 It is not a review series, which is a breath of fresh air on this site filled with countless reviews on film. The next episode of that series may be in February, but it is up in the air. We are working on improving audio for when other friends step in to join on a commentary. This series is more focused on watching film, having others download our commentary and hearing what we have to say to create a friendly experience.


Fort Geekly
Coming February 1st


Fort Geekly, a bi-weekly series, will be dedicated to all things geek related. This idea was actually the brain child of Jesus Figueroa from after some conversation, so he gets full credit for even thinking of it.

The series will be more a retrospective series in the same vein of Here You Leave Today…A Disneyland Retrospective I wrote two years ago. It will give focus on the legacy of a certain series that has grown big in the world of geekdom. The reason that it is bi-weekly is to focus on my educational & personal life as that has been given a lot of emphasis at this point in my life. It helps fit my new schedule and the challenges that come in the way. 

Also, the first post is on the modern series of Doctor Who, so be prepared.


Coming Late February


Remember last April in Film A Week all about animation? Did you know that was a test run for Back to the Drawing Board? No, of course you did not. Me and my sister have had two years of planning behind this and we are ready to make it realize for the first time. The problem is that we both have very busy lives, so this series may have an odd schedule of posting.

The series will focus on animation on the big screen and small screen, the controversy of animation in the mind of the public and even give some insight on foreign animation (yes, that also mean anime for those who love anime). 


Along with these new series are more poetry, lyrics and personal ramblings that have been absent to let off steam. I also want to focus on bringing in new writers to share their ideas and content. I would love to have new writers step in not only on these three series, but to contribute some stories of fiction, poetry and even personal ramblings. I rather the site go from being just one person into expanding to something grander with more people. I love working with others and would appreciate more contribution.

That is all the updates for now. See you all soon on these new series.

-Sergio Berrueta

Film A Week: The Spooktacular Seventies Starting October 5th (Guest Writers Welcomed)


Hey readers, Film A Week is headed to the Seventies in order to celebrated a decade where horror was thrilling. The month of October is the host of All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween to everyone else, and Samhain to my Pagan pals) and I wanted to celebrate by diving into some film I never seen in the genre. Luckily, a majority of them are from the Seventies.

For Weeks 39 to 43, nothing but horror throughout the month featuring classics like The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the DeadIt is going to be a month of thrills, chills and gore like never before. I would also love some help from those across the WordPress circle to come in a give their take and thoughts on the films themselves in guest spots or even write an entire Film A Week post. It is up to you and I am willing to collaborate with just about anybody. This is one of my favorite times of the year, so I hope October will be nothing but a blast.

Thanks for your time and I cannot wait for this to happen,
Sergio J. Berrueta

Film A Week September Films Announcement for

August is almost coming to a close and the next semester of school is ready to begin, but Film A Week continues on. With the controversial Irreversible this week and Caligula to end August, the films of September are going to be both a breather and a blast to cover.

First off, we cover our first politically charged film that just happens to be a comedy. Malcolm Tucker is off to prevent or promote the UK and the US being on the verge of entering an invasion of the Middle East. Malcolm, played by Peter Capaldi, must use his wit and sharp blunt tongue to solve a disaster in the making in In The Loop (September 6th).



Then, Charlie Chaplin’s Masterpiece of comedy and romance, City Lights, gets covered to see our beloved Tramp fall for the blind and beautiful Flower Girl, played by Virginia Cherrill, in the critical & audience darling of 1931 (September 13th).



After that week, FAW covers its first television movie and, Whovians, this one is for you. Hop into the TARDIS and join Eighth Doctor Paul McGann to take on his arch-nemesis The Master, played by Eric Roberts, in Doctor Who: The Movie (September 20th).



Finally, to end the month of September, we go into another classic of cinema and the one responsible for bringing anime to the west. One name says it all: AKIRA (September 27th).



Thank you for your time and see you in September on!

Also, find Serg Beret on Tumblr @, like on Facebook @ Serg Beret and follow on Twitter @SergBeret

It’s Lyrics Week on!

This week, I decided to post lyrics I wrote from my high past onto this site. These lyrics can be seen as poems now and it is wonderful that I managed to find some that got lost in the shuffle due to the original incarnation of this blog back in 2009 on Blogger at

These range from love ballads, forgotten thoughts and just downright high school bullcrap. This will be a fun week. So…ready for Lyrics Week? I am!